Sharon Reale Appointed As Commercial Director

Truly Irish, a prominent name in the agricultural and food industry, has recently announced the appointment of Sharon Reale as their new Commercial Director. This move is set to reinforce the company’s commitment to its core values of supporting Irish pig farmers and fostering job opportunities within the country. With Bord Bia’s seal of approval and a history dating back to its establishment in 2009 as a farmers’ cooperative, Truly Irish continues to play a pivotal role in promoting quality in the Irish farming sector.

Sharon Reale’s appointment as Commercial Director marks a significant milestone in Truly Irish’s journey. With an extensive background in the agricultural and commercial sectors, Sharon brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics that drive success in the industry. Her strategic vision and leadership skills are expected to contribute to the company’s growth trajectory while upholding the values that Truly Irish holds dear.

Truly Irish Breakfast

Upholding Core Values, Support For Irish Pig Farmers And Job Creation

At the heart of Truly Irish’s mission is a steadfast commitment to supporting Irish pig farmers. The company’s unwavering dedication to sourcing its products locally not only ensures the quality of its offerings but also bolsters the livelihoods of farmers across the country. By championing sustainable and ethical practices, Truly Irish fosters a symbiotic relationship with its farming partners, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the agricultural community.

Moreover, the appointment of Sharon Reale as Commercial Director signifies Truly Irish’s determination to create job opportunities within Ireland. This aligns seamlessly with their core values, emphasizing the importance of contributing to the country’s economy while maintaining the highest standards of product quality and integrity.

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Bord Bia Approval: A Testament To Quality

Truly Irish’s dedication to quality and sustainability has earned them the esteemed approval of Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board. This recognition not only validates the company’s adherence to stringent standards but also underscores its role as a reputable player within the Irish food industry. Consumers can have confidence in the fact that Truly Irish’s products meet the highest benchmarks for quality and traceability.

Truly Irish’s journey began in 2009 when a group of visionary Irish pig farmers came together to form a cooperative. With a shared commitment to preserving traditional farming practices, promoting animal welfare, and supporting local communities, the cooperative laid the foundation for a company that would become synonymous with quality and integrity.

In Conclusion, Truly Irish’s appointment of Sharon Reale as Commercial Director marks an exciting chapter in the company’s history. As they continue to uphold their core values of supporting Irish pig farmers, creating job opportunities, and adhering to the highest standards of quality, Truly Irish remains a beacon of excellence within the Irish agricultural landscape. With Bord Bia’s stamp of approval and a legacy dating back to its inception in 2009, the company is poised to make further strides in its mission to celebrate and support all things authentically Irish.