Breakfast Time

A Truly Irish Breakfast

Traditional Truly Irish Breakfast (Serves 4)

 One Pack of Truly Irish Premium Sausages
 One Pack of Truly Irish Beechwood Smoked Rashers or Truly Irish Traditional Rashers
 One Pack of Truly Irish Black Pudding
 One Pack of Truly Irish White Pudding

Step 1

Fry, Grill or Bake Sausages, Rashers and Black & White Pudding until cooked to Truly Irish delicious perfection. (Keep warm in a holding oven until ready to serve).

Step 2

Fry Mushrooms and Tomatoes (these only need a few minutes in skillet)

Step 3

Cook Eggs to your liking – fry, scramble or poach.

Step 4

Serve with freshly made white or brown toast.